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  Retail Stores that carry Amethyst Mats  

The best way to know how these mats can change your life is to experience the effects by visiting a local store where the Crystal Rays mats are sold and on display. Go to a store and try out the best far infrared mats on the market to experience natural healing energy.

Below is a list of authorized Crystal Rays amethyst mat resellers in your area:

Star Rating Health Food Stores

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Natural Healing by Vitamins Plus
Montgomery, Alabama


Natural Healing by Vitamins Plus
407 Coliseum Blvd.

Montgomery, AL 36109

Phone Number: (334) 356-8195

Facebook Link:  https://www.facebook.com/Natural-Healing-by-Vitamins-Plus-166656020065493/

Here are some of the reviews:

From Paullette Thomas
"Great place to get alternative medicine advice and treatment.

From Anika Wilson
"Teresa is an amazing soul with wisdom beyond her years. The type of service that she provides is beyond what you will receive from others. She has an ability to speak and resonate that we all need. Thank you for making an impact on my family."

From Mary Wilson
"Very knowledgeable about health and wellness."

From Misty Lee
"Teresa has helped me so much. She has completely changed my life. I'm healthier than I've ever been."

These and many more customers have added their praises about Teresa and what she provides at her store.

Enjoy shopping locally for wonderful products! Owner Teresa and her staff have a Free Demo in the store so you can experience just how fantastic the Crystal Rays mats are. Natural Healings also has our Hydro-Chi water filter  machine in the store ready to use. You can drink concentrated hydrogen water and begin to experience the beneifits in your own health.


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For Your Health Mercantile/Lotus Health
Cullman, Alabama


For Your Health Mercantile/Lotus Health
1310 2nd Ave NW Suite C
Cullman, Al 35055
Phone 1-888-943-6722
Phone 256-841-1461

Aleah Pilgrim

Canna Bliss Distribution specializes in hemp-derived CBD products including tinctures, vapes, bath & body, pet treats and more.

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/CullmanCBDstore/services/

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  banned books  

New Book

  Bloodroot cancer cure how to make capsules and tincture  

Bloodroot Cancer Cure: How to Make Capsules & Tincture

By: Dr. Kelly Raber, D.Sc

Soft Cover book



  Get your copy of Hydrogen therapy water to prevent and cure diseases


Hydrogen Therapy: Water to Prevent and Cure Diseases

By: Kelly Raber, D.Sc.
Hard cover book



New Book

  Instructions to cure cancer the banned TumorX protocol that saved lives  

Instructions to Cure Cancer: The Banned TumorX Protocol that Saved Lives.

By: Kelly Raber, D.Sc.
Soft cover book



Do you have a FDA BANNED book that cures diseases?

Contact: BioAnue Health Products LLC

(229) 365-7222





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