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CB-02 Electrolyzed Reduced Water Filter

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filtration can effectively reduce chemicals including solvents, pesticides, and industrial waste by-products. Undesired chemicals found in drinking water can pose health risks if they are present in quantities above EPA health advisory levels.

Change all 3 filters when:
      • The water flow rate remains below .8l- this indicates that the filters are clogged with sediment and/or other contaminates.
      • The water flow remains below .5l and the warning and beeping cannot be corrected by adjusting the ball valve.

Change the 2 Carbon Filters (filters 2 & 3) when: Chlorine can be smelled or tasted in the drinking water- this indicates that those two filters have reached the maximum filtration capacity.

The Hydro-Chi CB-02 needs to be replaced every 12 months or 12,000 liters as indicated on the Hydro-Chi display located on the machine, or sooner depending on your water quality.

You will need the filter replacement wrench that came with the purchase of the Hydro-Chi.  Release the cartridge housing, remove the old filter and discard. Place the new filter into the cartridge housing and tighten as needed. Check for leaks. Retighten as needed until there are no leaks.

Allow the water to flush through the Hydro-Chi for 10 minutes before drinking any of the dispensed water.


Height: 9.25"

Dimension: 3.00"

Two Activated Carbon filters come with the order.

CB-02 Active carbone filter  
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