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crystal rays mat

Cotton Encasement Fits Small Far Infrared Mat

  • Outer Fabric:100% Cotton
  • Inner Fill Fabric: 100% Kapok fiber
  • Encasement Case is Zippered
  • Fits Mat Size: 31 X 19 inches
                             Fits CRMT-31

Clear zippered storage bag included

  Product Code: CRCASE-SM $79.95  ................................................
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Crystal Rays Mat Cover Fabrics


Our Crystal Rays Mat encasements are made of 100% cotton outer shell. Cotton feels good to the skin, it is naturally hypo-allergenic, is non-irritating, and can last for years if cared for properly.  The inner encasement fill is made of 100% natural Kapok Fiber. One cotton encasement comes standard with the Crystal Rays professional far infrared mat (CRMT-70) and with our smaller portable far infrared mat (CRMT-31).

We made our mat encasements soft and luxurious—because we believe that you deserve the very best. One-hundred percent cotton is quite comfortable, especially when your body is hot.  The 100% cotton that we used absorbs sweat and wicks the moisture away from the skin. In fact, our cotton cases can absorb 1/5 of its weight before you can feel any dampness. The breathable fabric allows you to feel clean and fresh even in the most extreme heat. 

Crystal Rays mat encasements do not contain dyes—this provides you with the best hypo-allergenic experience possible.  Bare skin contact with our cases is completely safe for anyone with dye sensitivities. People have noted that they are more comfortable lying naked on 100% cotton fabrics as opposed to synthetic or synthetic- blend fabrics. Experience the soft, comfortable sensation of our Crystal Rays encasement and mat. Enjoy the soft feeling of cotton next to your skin!


Kapok Fiber Batting


The filling inside our cotton encasements is made of 100% kapok fibers. We use kapok fibers because they are hypo-allergenic, nontoxic, resistant to rot, and odorless.  The fiber is too fragile to be spun, but makes an excellent batting in our Crystal Rays Mat encasement. Additionally, the Kapok tree does not require herbicides or pesticides to help to protect the tree or the seeds from vegetable or animal pests—making it an excellent choice for people who suffer from chemical sensitivities.

Kapok fibers are a silky, cotton-like substance that surrounds the seeds in the pods of the Kapok tree. Kapok fibers are softer than down feathers and are known by different names such as silk floss, vegetable silk, and cotton silk. Obviously, kapok fiber does not contain any silk but it does provide ultimate comfort and functionality to our Crystal Rays amethyst mat covers.

Because kapok fibers resist bunching, clumping or lumping, our Crystal Rays mat covers will remain comfortable even after numerous washings. Our encasements are durable, yet they are made from biodegradable natural fibers. Your mat cover will last for years if cared for properly. Please read and follow the care instructions for washing and drying your encasement.


Washing Instructions


This cotton quilted mat cover will protect the Crystal Rays amethyst mat from soilage. It will absorb sweat and keep your amethyst mat looking new for years to come. Professionals should use a clean cotton cover with each new patient who uses the Crystal Rays amethyst mat. 

Unzip the entire zipper and insert the Crystal Rays amethyst mat into the quilted cover. Zip up the side, plug in the cord, and use the amethyst mat as directed.

First unplug the electric controller from the amethyst mat. Unzip the entire side of the quilted cloth cover and remove the Crystal Rays amethyst mat from the cloth case.

Wash the quilted cloth cover in cold water in a standard washing machine.  White vinegar may be used in the rinse cycle to help whiten, rid odors and germs, and keep the cotton soft. Fabric softener is not recommended as it causes stains to become permanent in the cotton fibers. Non-chlorine bleach may be used in the washing machine, when needed; follow instructions on bleach bottle.

Dry on clothesline or on very low heat setting in dryer. Do NOT use high heat as it can cause the cotton to shrink.

  Product Code: CRCASE-SM $79.95  ................................................
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