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You can have fabulous hair color and health with BioAnue Hair Dyes!
1. Henna for Black Hair
    $9.49  One bag (100 grams)
7. Henna for Copper Brown Hair
    $9.49  One bag (100 grams)
2. Henna for Brown Hair
    $9.49  One bag (100 grams)
8. Henna for Dark Brown Hair
    $9.49  One bag (100 grams)
3. Henna for Mahogany Hair
    $9.49  One bag (100 grams)
9. Henna for Light Brown Hair
    $9.49  One bag (100 grams
4. Henna for Orange Hair
    $9.49  One bag (100 grams)
10.Pure Henna
    $9.49  One bag (100 grams)
5. Henna with Conditioners
    $9.49  One (100 grams)
    $9.49  One bag (100 grams)
6. Cassia for Blonde Hair
    $9.49  One bag (100 grams)
4 girls using natural hair dyes henna for red hair henna for orange hair cassia for blonde hair and henna for red hair
Henna for Red  Henna for Orange Cassia for Blonde Henna for Red


BioAnue's Organic Henna hair dyes are from plants and produce a semi-permanent color while actually strengthening your hair in the process. Additionally, when you choose a henna hair dye which contains other natural, organic ingredients, your hair is treated with plant conditioners that help to repair your hair, nourish your scalp, and impart a shine. BioAnue Henna Dyes for hair have been personally tested by the owners and their families to ensure that you get a quality hair product.

Chemical hair dyes applied by the salonist must first damage your hair before the dye can penetrate to leave behind a permanent color. Those synthetic hair dyes purchased at drug stores and applied at home are equally injurious to your hair. You may notice that frequent usage of these chemical hair dyes leaves your hair dry and brittle. Click Here to read about the dangers of synthetic Hair Dyes

Hair Dye History

The Egyptians used henna and indigo for hair dying way before the time of Christ. Henna (lawsonia inermis) is classified as a vegetable hair dye because it comes from a plant grown in India. Henna is permanent. The color dye from henna permeates the hair shaft and does not fully wash out. The more times henna is applied to the hair, the darker and deeper the orange-red color hues become.

Pure henna is also a natural, safe sunblock for the skin, although it does begin to fade from the skin in as little as 3-14 days depending upon the location on the body.  In fact, the Egyptians also used henna on their skin and nails for beautifying.

Chemical hair dyes have been around since 1856 and readily available since 1907. Today, permanent hair dye is the most popular type of hair coloring for women and men. But, unlike vegetable hair dyes, chemical dyes are not friendly to health. In fact, synthetic hair dyes are a real danger to your health. Anaphylactic shock is a genuine concern for those with known allergies to hair dye ingredients.

You may know someone who has had an unpleasant allergic skin reaction after using synthetic hair dye on their hair. Dermatitis, sore scalp, and hives are not to be taken lightly. Habitual usage of hair dyes with ingredients like PPD and PPT can be life-threatening. However, you may not be aware that some people can develop serious health reactions to chemical hair dye—even in the absence of skin reactions

Synthetic Hair Dyes

There are over 5,000 different chemicals used in synthetic hair dye products.  Many of these chemicals have been shown to cause cancer in animal studies. It is true that many hair dye ingredients have been banned from the cosmetic industry over the years. But many of us know too well how the bureaucratic agencies could care less about our health. The loving FDA assures us that these hair dye chemicals are safe at certain maximum levels. But why take the risk with your health?

Learn about the dangers of synthetic hair dyes... Click Here


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