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  • Stops Pain

  • Ends Body Stiffness

  • Provides Flexibility

  • Relaxes Muscles & Joints

  • Increases Circulation

  • Reduces Stress

  • Boosts Immune System

  • Stimulates Sleep

  • Induces Hyperthermia

  • Increases Lymphatic Flow

  • Stimulates Detoxification



What are the amethyst mats intended to do?
Pain relief is the main aspect these mats address. These mats provide chronic pain relief without the use of organ-damaging drugs.

How long does it take to feel a benefit?
You should be able to notice a positive difference in your level of pain/mobility/aches within 5 minutes of sitting against/lying upon a fully heated mat that is set to a very warm setting.

How does the amethyst mat make pain go away?
The amethyst gemstones naturally produce far infrared rays—an invisible form of light. By heating the stones, the far infrared rays are pushed and absorbed into the cells of the body where anti-inflammatory actions begin to take place. The warmer the heat setting, the faster the rays are pushed and absorbed into the body.

What are far infrared rays?
These rays are invisible light rays. Numerous sources of far infrared in our system include the sun and our own bodies. However, the sun is too far away for those rays to ever reach us. We can trap our own far infrared with specialty blankets like the Waon blankets and get pain relief, the process is merely slower, or we can use natural gemstones like amethyst.

Can the amethyst gemstones lose the far infrared properties?
No. The amethyst gemstones never wear out or “give out” of far infrared rays. It’s merely the way these natural parts of our universe are designed.

Not all far infrared rays are the same.
There are different wavelengths of far infrared. The medical wavelengths researched in studies are very narrow wavelengths which begin to reduce pain in matter of minutes. These wavelengths extend from 1-3 inches from the source (the amethyst gemstones on the mat). But the person must be in direct contact with the mat (wavelength) to absorb and feel the effects of the far infrared. This is why sitting or lying on the amethyst mat is imperative to body improvement.

Can I sit near the amethyst mat and be treated from a distance?
No. You must have direct contact with the mat for your body to absorb the benefits. Even putting your hand a half-inch above the mat will reveal the absence of heat and no benefit can be accomplished unless you are sitting or lying on the mat.

Doesn’t the cotton cover block the far infrared rays? 
No. The cotton encasement does not affect the effectiveness of the far infrared, in fact, it helps keep the rays and heat dispersed evenly while also absorbing any body sweat to keep your investment clean. However, a thick jacket or a blanket placed between the mat and your body will block the penetrating ability of the rays, therefore only the provided cotton encasement should be used on the mat. (User’s Guide Provides detailed usage instructions.)

How long should the mat be used each time; what is considered a treatment?
A treatment is a minimum of 30 minutes. More time can be used; in fact, we have sizes for queen-sized beds with a dual temperature controller for those who want to treat on low temperature settings while they sleep.

How long will a treatment last?
Depending upon the level of pain you experience, the effects of the far infrared can last from hours to days. Every far infrared treatment is a deposit into your pain-relief bank. The more treatments you undergo, the more inflammation is reduced, and the longer your body will be pain-free.

More pain equals more treatment requirements.
Those with more severe pain—especially in multiple regions of the body—will require more treatment time per day than those with less pain. However, after weeks and months of daily treatments, the pain will begin to lessen in severity. More agility should be expected with daily treatments.

What temperature setting should I use?
Begin with a lower setting and gradually raise the temperature to what feels comfortable for you. Always listen to your body; if it feels too hot, turn it down. It can take weeks for your body to adjust to warmer settings.

How do I adjust the temperature?
Turn the rotating dial on the temperature controller to adjust the temperature in 1-degree increments. The temperature range begins at room temperature and reaches maximum 70
°C (158° . The controller reads in Celsius, but it is your comfort that you should be concerned with, not the actual temperature setting.

Temperature affects pain reduction.
A warmer heat setting causes the pain to subside faster. A low temperature setting will require longer treatment time to feel the pain-relieving effects because the far infrared rays are being pushed into the body at a slow speed. But a higher temperature setting will produce faster pain-relieving effects because the far infrared rays are being pushed into the body at a fast speed.

Heat and sweating.
Remember that you will sweat and detox while using these amethyst mats. Always drink plenty of water to keep your body from dehydrating. Dehydrated skin can burn more easily than properly hydrated cells. This is an important aspect to understand and follow.

Impaired individuals.
Any person with impaired senses should only use these mats without the heat on. Those who cannot perceive heat or who do not understand if they are too hot should only use these mats without the temperature controller. They can use their own body heat to activate the stones in the mat without the risk of burning their skin or overheating. Pregnant mothers should also only use the mats without added heat due to the danger of overheating the unborn baby.

Do these mats emit EMF’s?  
EMF stands for “electric magnetic field.” All matter (living and non-living) produces electromagnetic radiation. Far infrared rays, known simply as FIR, are actually a spectrum of invisible light within the electric magnetic field. FIR has hundreds of scientific studies which demonstrate its health benefits. The narrow wavelength has shown to be the most effective form of FIR for pain relief and overall body health.

What size mat should I get?

Belted mat:
It is perfect for waist-area back pain, abdominal pain, wrist or knee injuries, and for other small regions of discomfort. (Measures 17”X7”)

Medium mat:
This can be secured to a chair or placed on a bed for full back treatment, it can be sat upon for hip and buttock pain, and it can be placed over the torso for breast and abdomen discomfort. (Measures 31”X19”)

Full-body mat:
This size can be placed on a bed and the entire body treated all at once. Legs, arms, back, and lower neck can be treated at the same time. Turn over onto the stomach to treat the other side of the body. (Measures 70”X31”)

Queen or king mat:
Use your sleeping hours to treat you and your spouse’s entire body at once—all night long. Each side has its independent temperature control. Turn over, sleep on your back, sleep on your side, sleep on your belly… no matter your sleeping style, your body can get far infrared treatment every single night.

Ways to increase far infrared effectiveness:

1. Lie with your back on the mat, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the bed or mat. This position will push your lower back into the mat and allow relief to your lower back and the bottom of your feet.

2. Make sure your body utilizes all the healing rays. Lie on the mat and cover your body with a Wa-on blanket to trap the far infrared rays which escape the mat. Our Wa-on blankets are made from ceramic-infused fibers which act as a mirror to trap far infrared and send it back to the body.

3. To turn the amethyst mat into a dry sauna, lie on the mat and cover your body with a Wa-on blanket. Lie there until you begin to sweat. Make sure to drink plenty water prior to and after your dry-sauna treatment!

4. Treat both sides of your body simultaneously by lying on a large mat and covering the front of your torso with a smaller mat.

Is there a warranty?
Yes. The mat is guaranteed to operate perfectly and not break for a year from purchase date. Please send in the warranty card provided with the mat. Should the mat fail within the year, we will inspect it and repair or replace as necessary. However, with careful use, your mat should last for many years. (Most failures are caused by not following care instructions and by electric surges. The easiest solution is to put the mat on a surge protector with battery backup and follow the care directions in the User’s Guide.)

Is there a Refund Guarantee?
Yes. You have 30 days after purchase to try the mat. If not satisfied, return the mat to the place of purchase for a refund. (Note to store: we will pick up the returned product and replace it with a brand new item for you to sel)


Differences Between Crystal Rays Amethyst Mats and Other Brands:
Crystal Rays   Others:
Is designed to produce mostly the very narrow wavelengths of far infrared (FIR)—the 1-3 inch wavelength range—for optimal body improvement.   State that their far infrared penetrates 5-7 inches into the body—this designates the FIR as being inside the non-medical wavelength range, making it less effective than the Crystal Rays
Temperature controller maintains high heat settings until user changes the heat setting.  

Only maintains high heat setting for limited number of minutes before automatically reducing to lower setting.


Uses amethyst gemstones (and a few other natural elements) as the source of the far infrared. Heating coils are used to generate more FIR from the gemstones and to push the FIR into the cells of the body.   Uses a patented carbon ceramic temperature controller to create FIR. Uses stones to elongate the wavelength so it can penetrate further into body to produce a synthetic FIR.
Mat is flexible and quite comfortable for the user. Uses 10 layers of mattress as a way to contain the amethyst gemstones and heating coils, and to provide flexibility and comfort to the user.   Mattress is firm, rigid, and uncomfortable despite the 17 layers of mattress padding.
Only 3 operating components: 1 simple switch for on and off; 1 rotating dial to adjust the temperature setting in 1-degree increments; 1 simple push button to easily select time (on select models).   Computer-chip embedded temperature controller with multiple selection pads plus a color-bar to read temperature which is selected in 5-degree increments.
Guarantee Policy allows customer to try the amethyst mat for 30 days and return it if dissatisfied for 100% money-back refund.   Guarantee policy allows 7 days to try mat then return for 100% cost refund; 8-14 days for 70% cost refund; 15-30 days for 50% cost refund; 31 or more days 0% cost refund.
Full 1-Year Warranty guarantees mat repair or replacement during the first year of ownership should it stop working correctly or fail. We pay all shipping costs both ways.   Only provides 2-month warranty to cover all shipping costs and repair or replacement of mat; after 2 months the customer must pay return shipping costs to return the defective mat. 
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