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Crystal Rays Wa-on Blanket

The fabric of our Wa-on blanket is infused with a proprietary blend of ceramics that reflect soothing warm Far InfraRed (FIR) heat.
  Waon Blanket regular sized


  • Reflective properties to reflect invisible far infrared rays back to the body
  • Extremely soft fibers
  • Lightweight
  • Washable

Can be Used With:

  • Crystal Rays mats as a dry sauna
  • Standard bedding for covering
  • Body wrap for Japanese Waon Therapy
  • Body wrap after wood or electric sauna
  • Body shawl for keeping warm
Dimensions: 77 X 39 inches
Weight 0.80lbs.
Color: Sunrise Yellow  
  Product Code: CRWN-39 $115.95  ...............................................
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Drug Free Living


The Crystal Rays Wa-on blanket is for individuals and sauna users who want the corrective relief that only natural far infrared can offer.

Combating long-term pain without drugs is possible. We all know someone who suffers from chronic pain. In fact, chronic pain is a leading cause of drug abuse. Prescription drug abuse can lead to the break-up of families and can steal the afflicted person's dreams and quality of life. Children and grandchildren grow up quickly; they need guidance offered by drug free family members.  Crystal Rays Wa-on blanket can provide drug free pain relief by harnessing far Infrared.  

This blanket does not have any known negative side effects, it is not addictive, and it will not cloud your mind. This technology simply offers pure reflective energy that your body needs and can respond to. The Crystal Rays product line is made of far-infrared products that are designed to work together or separately.

Far Infrared Relief

Therapeutic Relief

Our Crystal Rays Wa-on blanket contains nano-ceramics which can be used for hyperthermia treatment. However, because of the reflective ability of the minerals, this blanket can also be used with or without inducing hyperthermia. It is important to note that the more heat introduced, the more far-infrared is produced and subsequently reflected back to the person using the Wa-on blanket.

Benefits of the Crystal Rays Wa-on Blanket:


• Increases Relaxation
• Decreases Inflamation
• Increases Blood Circulation
• Increases Healing
• Stimulates Lymphatic flow
• Increases Vital Energy force

• Promotes a Deeper, more Relaxed Sleep
• Reflects Far Infrared Rays
• Stimulates Nitric Oxide Production
• Provides Biofeedback


Professional Usage:

Professionals recommend Crystal Rays Wa-on blankets over other conventional blankets found in the marketplace. Its unique properties enable the production of far infrared rays without adding outside heating sourcesit only requires the heat your body naturally produces.


What are Far Infrared Rays?


Far-infrared rays, known as FIR, are invisible rays produced widely in nature and the human body. The sun produces FIR in the form of invisible light spectrums. The human body emits its own FIR, and certain minerals and mineral composites radiate FIR.

Research shows that the human body easily absorbs FIR. The benefits are that far-infrared heat stimulates blood circulation and the movement of all bodily fluids throughout the body—including lymphatic fluids. The increase of FIR in the body increases production of enzymes that degrade biological damaging molecules.

Crystal Rays ceramics are able to radiate FIR when heat is applied to the special minerals that make of the soft ceramic fibers. The heat supplied via radiant heat from the human body will activate the FIR from these minerals. Crystal Rays far-infrared technology requires no addational energy to produce FIR and increase the body temperature, thus it is an efficient way to maintain health.



Far InfraRed rays are found widely in nature. The sun produces FIR in the form of invisible light spectrums, humans also emit their own FIR, and certain minerals and mineral composites reflect FIR. This fact allows us to harness FIR and amplify its biological benefits without getting excessive electromagnetic rays.  

Infrared is generally described as electromagnetic radiation wavelengths from 0.75-1000μm. It is broken up into three distinctive sub-sets. (Micrometers are abbreviated as μm.)

Near infrared      .75   - 1.4μm   
Mid infrared     1.4 - 3μm    
Far infrared   3 - 1000μm  
Far infrared Penetrates about   1.5  inches (almost 4 cm)  
Near and Mid infrared Penetrate about 6.3 Inches (about 16 cm)  
infrared chart  

Scientists focused on the very narrow, infrared wavelength range between 3-12 micrometers to determine its medical benefits. A lot of extremely promising clinical studies have developed as a result of this research. This narrow wavelength transmits about 1.5 inches (almost 4 cm) from the source.

It was discovered that the healing properties of infrared are found in the lower spectrum of far infrared, just barely above mid-infrared.  This makes sense, because we know that the human body reflects far infrared electromagnetic radiation. The body reflects its own FIR at the highest output point of about 9.4 micrometers. What is exciting is the fact that a biofeedback process can take place when using specially-designed products to reflect the body’s own FIR to heat up the body. Research is demonstrating that molecules inside the body’s cells respond to the 3-12 micrometer levels of FIR better than any other form of infrared.


Confusion about Infrared


There is a lot of conflicting information regarding FIR. People who sell space heaters, saunas, and medical devices are all making claims that their product produces far infrared rays. Here, we will try to clarify and remove the confusion about infrared wavelengths and classifications. This will make it easier for you to make an informed decision when you get ready to purchase a product that produces far infrared rays. 

First, we need to understand that the infrared spectrum is invisible to the human eye.  Therefore, if you can see the ray, that is not infrared. There might be invisible rays combined with visible rays, however any ray you are able to see with your eyes is not infrared.

Every object including animals to minerals can radiate infrared as long as its temperature is over absolute zero. Infrared is produced from a campfire, a glowing heating element in a space heater, or the glow from simple light bulb. However, these either do not produce biological grade far infrared rays, or there are simply not enough far infrared rays to benefit the human body. To truly get concentrated far infrared rays, use specially designed products like the Crystal Rays Mats. Crystal Rays products in particular, are designed to emit the beneficial biological grade far infrared spectrum at high concentrations.

When researching about far infrared online, you need to be aware of a few things. First, there are no two organizations that define infrared the same. This does not mean that there is no true information regarding infrared out there; it means, rather, that you will have be diligent in your research and carefully read what is written.

The International Commission on Illumination (CIE) is one of the most well recognized organizations which define infrared as narrow wavelengths. Additionally, most white papers in the study of human or animals and infrared, show that FIR is the most active between 3-12 micrometers.

Please be aware that the CIE is not the only organization that defines Infrared.  Others have defined infrared differently than the CIE. Examples include: the Astronomy division scheme, the ISO 20473 scheme, the Sensor response division scheme, and Telecommunication bands in the infrared – which could be controlling you television’s remote control. 

The key to understanding infrared is the wavelength.  So when reading websites, books, or clinical studies, the mere mention of infrared, far infrared, or mid infrared is not a true indicator of whether biologically active far infrared is being produced. (These terms are often used for sales, search engine, and metadata search results to drive traffic to their products.) You must know what wavelength is being produced and studied. For without the all-important wavelength data, it is impossible to know if you are looking at a product that produces biological grade, far infrared rays which can greatly benefit the human body.

NASA white papers define infrared differently than the CIE. NASA defines mid-infrared as 5 (25–40) µm, using the Astronomy division scheme. When contrasted with CIE standards, NASA’s definition of “Mid-Infrared” is clearly biological grade far infrared, not mid-infrared as shown earlier on our chart.  So, which is correct? The truth is that both are correct. They both notify the reader of the wavelength they are using.  It is the wavelength that is important, not the classification. When looking for biological grade infrared, realize that only a few inches or centimeters from the source defines this wavelength.   When buying products that emit infrared rays, understand that wavelength defines what the device is able to deliver. However, there is much more to consider than just wavelengths.


Sun Produces Far Infrared


Infrared rays are invisible rays produced by the sun. These rays are responsible for 49 percent of the heat on earth— we could easily make the argument that the sun is the solar system’s largest space heater. The moon and the earth both absorb and reflect Infrared. When we go out at night or during the day, we all bathe in the complete Infrared spectrum, including FIR.

Considering the abundance of energy supplied by the sun, one would think that both humans and animals should have plenty far infrared in our lives with no need to seek additional far infrared for our health. We all should get ample amount of FIR by simply living and enjoying the outdoors. However, the highly beneficial, biological grade infrared wavelength range between 3-12 micrometers is too overly dispersed to provide the benefits the researchers have uncovered. 

The fact is the vital wavelengths are scattered to the point of not offering any real benefit in the form of FIR.  

In addition to FIR, the sun also produces other forms of visible and invisible light spectrum radiation in the form of UVA and UVB rays. It is the UVB which the causes the majority of sun burns that can lead to development of skin cancers. UVC is visible; UVC turns oxygen into ozone—we can see it as a blue glow that surrounds the earth.  Although these forms of ultraviolet radiation are non-ionizing, they can still cause cellular damage. Lesser organisms such as bacteria and viruses are killed by UVC rays when oxygen is turned into ozone—a gas that continually cleans the air we breathe.

Nasa chart on infrared and sun

Body Absorbs and Reflects FIR

As stated earlier, our bodies easily absorb Far InfraRed rays. FIR energy can be detected by the thermoreceptors in human skin. When the body detects an increase in temperature, the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems increase circulation to cool down the body. Heat is absorbed while at the same time the body tries to cool itself down. However, as the temperature of the body increases, the immune system is stimulated.

Effective for the

What make the Crystal Rays Wa-on blanket so different than standard household blankets on the market? The average household blanket does not contain any bio-ceramic materals and cannot reflect thearaputic far infrared rays back to the user.

The minerals found in Crystal Rays Ceramic Wa-on blankets are superior black body conductors. While each mineral works slightly different, together they make a superior transforming device that converts radiant heat into biologically active far infrared rays.

Crystal Rays proprietary mineral combinations allow the minerals to absorb radiant heat and transmit gentle, far infrared energy. This energy is easily absorbed through the skin and into the tissue and organs of the body.
Dimensions: 77 X 39 inches
Weight 0.80lbs.
Color: Sunrise Yellow  
  Product Code: CRWN-39 $115.95  ...............................................
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