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Hydro-Chi Alkaline Minerals

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hydro-Chi-Hydrogen Producing Mineral Balls

Hydro-Chi Mineral Balls

Want more hydrogen from your Hydro-Chi? Add Hydro-Chi alkaline minerals to your Alkaline Water Machine to improve water electrolysis by increasing the mineral content in your water. Any mineral will increase conductivity, but for more than improved conductivity you need specific minerals. Hydro-Chi Minerals are comprised of magnesium, calcium, crushed tourmaline, and silver, imbedded in a ceramic ball.  These have been carefully selected for their specific properties.



Ultimately, the dissolved minerals present in your water is what determines how much hydrogen and electrons can be released by the electrolysis process inside the Hydro-Chi. BioAnue Laboratories Inc. offers mineral balls to add to the mineral port which can be fractured into smaller particles (nonparticles) by the electrolysis process.

Some research has indicated that nano-minerals can increase production of hydrogen up to 1000 times faster than would normally be expected from electrolysis. By adding ceramic imbedded minerals into the mineral port, small particles of minerals will be presented into the electrolysis chamber. Change out the minerals in the Hydro-Chi every three months for optimal hydrogen, electron,and nanoparticles output.


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