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Bloodroot Cancer Cure: How to Make Capsules and Tincture

By Kelly Raber, D. SC.


We are pleased to offer Dr. Kelly Raber’s newest book!

Summary: A How-to-guide for making bloodroot capsules & tincture; dosage instructions and methods for combating side effects. This science-based evidence demonstrates how the herb bloodroot kills various cancerous cell while simultaneously inhibits survivin expression.

Library of Congress Control Number
: 2016912066

ISBN 978-0-9800008-0-1
(pbk. : alk. paper)


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The nine (9) chapters cover all you could ever want to know about how to make bloodroot capsules and tincture and basic critical information that is need to naturally treat cancer:

1.  Bloodroot
2.  How to Make Bloodroot Capsules
3.  Making Bloodroot Tincture
4. How to Consume Bloodroot
5. Bloodroot Kills Cancer Cells
6. Cancer Resistance
7. Cancer Testing
8. Your Health and Government
9. Testimonials

  • Bibliography
  • About the Author
  • Other Books  by  Author

Cancer. Just the word strikes fear in us. For we all know someone who has had cancer. This disease is no doubt an epidemic. The study and drug development alone surrounding this disease is enormous! We see the emotional TV ads depicting hard-working doctors determined to find a cure once and for all. And we pray that this disease passes over our houses.

Our prayers were answered before we even asked. There is a cure for cancer; it has been with us for hundreds of years.

In this land, America, a great and horrible deception has been played upon the citizens. It is sad. It is angering. It is something that will take a long time to fix. But unless its citizens rise up and demand the freedoms back, our freedoms will forever be lost.
We are so indoctrinated to believe that there is no cancer cure. We actually believe that the government would tell us if there was a cure for cancer. We believe that the government cares. We believe that if the media found out about a cure it would spread like wildfire and become so popular that everyone would soon know about this amazing find!

This book is proof that all those thoughts are wrong. May I present to you information that can save your life. In this little book, I impart to you information, instructions, and recipes so that you can take your life into your own hands to cure the incurable.

May this knowledge bless you!

Book Quality Details

  • Softcover Cover
  • Acid-free paper

About the Author: Kelly Raber, D. Sc., holds a doctorate in science and is not a medical doctor.  He has formulated 100’s of herbal nutraceuticals for numerous aspects of the body. He believed in sharing his knowledge with everyday people so that they could use his formularies to heal themselves the way God had intended. His dietary supplement formulations have improved cardiovascular health, neurological health, and endocrine health. His formularies reversed diabetes as well as cancer.

He has written various articles over the years about natural health and has spoken at different conferences outside the USA that explored the uses of traditional medicines. Many may remember that Dr. Raber’s free speech was taken away by Federal Judge Marc. T. Treadwell in July 2014. All of Dr. Raber’s free online articles were removed from www.tumorx.com. Judge Treadwell threatened to order the destruction of all of BioAnue Labs dietary supplements (formulated by Dr. Raber) if www.tumox.com still contained articles about health on a certain day in July 2014.

Despite the timely removal of the articles, BioAnue Labs was nonetheless forced to stop selling our supplements based upon the Judge’s ruling that Dr. Raber’s writings had transformed our products into “drugs by definition.”  We are still being punished for our association with Dr. Raber. The Department of Justice will not reply to our letters.


  banned books  

New Book

  Bloodroot cancer cure how to make capsules and tincture  

Bloodroot Cancer Cure: How to Make Capsules & Tincture

By: Dr. Kelly Raber, D.Sc

Soft Cover book



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  Instructions to cure cancer the banned TumorX protocol that saved lives  

Instructions to Cure Cancer: The Banned TumorX Protocol that Saved Lives.

By: Kelly Raber, D.Sc.
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(229) 365-7222




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