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Ion600 photo

    $44.95  One (1) Unit

Produces up to 50mg of ozoner per hour

New Technology Vs Old Technology

ION-600 uses new technology to clean the air. It does not contain metal strips or needles that become damaged.  Common air ionizers work by applying a high voltage current to a metal prong or needle. This old technology causes all the debris to accumulate on a small surface area. Unfortunately, once the small area is covered with the debris, the effectiveness is compromised. 

What it is:

The ION-600 is a small negative ion generator that plugs directly into the electric outlet in your home. While running, it produces a constant supply of negative ions to clean the air.

How to use:

Plug the device into the electric outlet.
Learn More about the ION-6000 Click Here.

  1 Unit - Air Ionizer with nightlight   Purchase
$269.70   ION-600's Home Pack Buy 6 get 1 Free! (7 Ionizers total)   Purchase


  banned books  

New Book

  Bloodroot cancer cure how to make capsules and tincture  

Bloodroot Cancer Cure: How to Make Capsules & Tincture

By: Dr. Kelly Raber, D.Sc

Soft Cover book



  Get your copy of Hydrogen therapy water to prevent and cure diseases


Hydrogen Therapy: Water to Prevent and Cure Diseases

By: Kelly Raber, D.Sc.
Hard cover book



New Book

  Instructions to cure cancer the banned TumorX protocol that saved lives  

Instructions to Cure Cancer: The Banned TumorX Protocol that Saved Lives.

By: Kelly Raber, D.Sc.
Soft cover book



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