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BioAnue Cassia for Blondes imparts yellow tones for blonde hair while conditioning and strengthening the hair and scalp. Our Cassia Conditioner strengthens and provides shine for healthy hair. BioAnue Cassia for Blondes Conditioner is certified organic in India where the herb is grown, dried, and produced.

Cassia is used in Traditional Ayurveda—one of the world’s ancient holisticor whole-body healing practices which was developed in India thousands of years ago. Ayurvedic medicine is based upon the belief that perfect health is regulated by a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit.


Cassia for Blonde Haircassia in blonde hair

   ♦ Chemical-free plant hair conditioner

   ♦ Brightens & lightens blonde hair

   ♦ Adds body, luster & softness

   ♦ Increases strength & shine

   ♦ Conditions hair & scalp; no irritation

   ♦ Organically grown herbs

Buy 1 bag cassia, 100 grams per bag ............................$9.49   Purchase
Buy 5 bags cassia, 100 grams per bag ........................$39.95   Purchase
Gray Hair
Blonde Hair
Dark Brown Hair
Light Brown Hair
Gray Hair   Cassia for blond hair   blond hair   Cassia for blonde hair   Dark brown Hair   cassia for blond hair on dark brown hair   light brown hair   cassia for blonde hair on light brown hair

Cassia for Blonde Hair was left on the hair for 4 hours. It was washed out using water and shampoo.

Individual results will vary. We recommend  you  harvest hair from your hairbrush and test the dye on that hair sample. Color will wash out within 25-30 days, depending upon how often you wash your hair.

The Organic Ingredients: 

Cassia (senna italic) imparts a mild yellow color to blonde hair, conditions the hair and scalp, and fights against scalp itch. 

There are no synthetic chemicals in any of our Henna hair dyes. BioAnue Cassia for Blondes Conditioner is free of PPD, PPT, lead acetate, and more. We provide you all-natural hair conditioner to look beautiful and stay healthy, too!

Learn about the health dangers of synthetic hair dyes, Click Here

 Cassia Conditioner for Blondes

For a safe, natural method to brighten and strengthen your blonde hair color, choose Cassia.  Cassia is completely safe. It is extremely rare to have an allergic reaction to cassia

What Color Does BioAnue Cassia for Blondes Produce?

Cassia provides brightened yellow tones to blond hair only. It will not make dark hair blonde; it will not make gray hair blonde.

How Much Pure Cassia to Use?

How much Pure Cassia you will need for a single hair application will depend upon 3 things:

  • Your hair length
  • Your hair thickness
  • Your hair type. Curly hair should be measured by pulling it straight to determine the true length.

BioAnue Natural Cassia for Blondes is sold in 100 gram pouches. The following is an estimation to help you buy what it will take to dye your hair one time.

Buy 1 bag (100g) of Natural Cassia for Blondes for short hair cut to the ears and neckline.
Buy 2 bags (200g) of Natural Cassia for Blondes for collar length hair.

Buy 3 bags (300g) of Natural Cassia for Blondes for shoulder length hair.
Buy 5 bags (500g) of Natural Cassia for Blondes for waist length hair.

Supplies to Dye Hair:

  • BioAnue Cassia
  • Distilled water (approx. ¼ water to ¾ dye powder)
  • Gloves for hands
  • Hand mixer for thorough mixing
  • Glass or ceramic bowl
  • Plastic bag
  • Plastic wrap
  • Heat cap or aluminum foil
  • 2-6 hours to rest and relax

Directions for Usage:

  • Prepare hair: Hair should be clean and damp or dry, free of conditioners and styling gels.

For those with hard water which contains lots of minerals, you may desire to rinse your hair with diluted vinegar to help remove minerals from hair. 

  • Mix Cassia: Wear protective gloves and old clothing as Cassia will mildly stain skin and clothes. Put powder into heat-proof bowl. Boil distilled water and pour over cassia power. Mix until thickness of yogurt.  Cool before applying mixture to scalp and hair. (Using an old hand mixer works very well to get the henna completely mixed.) 
  • Apply Cassia to hair and scalp:  Divide hair into sections and apply the henna paste from the scalp out to the tips of the hair.  
  • Cover the Hair: Roll hair into a ball on top of the head and cover with plastic wrap or a plastic bag. Additionally, place a heat cap or aluminum foil over the plastic to promote heat to the hair for good dye application.  
  • Time: Leave the Cassia in the hair from 30 minutes to 4 hours depending upon the desired conditioning and brightening. The longer it is left on the hair, the more yellow tone is imparted to the blonde hair. 
  • Rinse: Rinse the Cassia out of the hair in the shower or in a sink. It can take several minutes of rinsing and shampooing to get the mud-like cassia out of the hair.
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