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Hydro-Chi Water

Hydro-Chi Provides:

  • Improved Water Quality
  • Concentrated Minerals
  • Antioxidant Water
  • More Hydrating Water
  • Significantly Reduced Fluoride
  • Self Cleaning
  • Cleans water to .01μm

This product is ideal for the whole family.  

Comes Standard with 3 Stage water filters!

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Amethyst Mat

This Crystal Rays Amethyst mat contains rows of amethyst stones sewn into the entire length of the mat.

These crystals emit Far Infrared rays as heat is applied. Powdered tourmaline and germanium ceramics amplify the Far Infrared Rays and produce greater amounts of Negative Ions. This mat is a massage mat (non-vibrating) used by professionals in wellness clinics for hyperthermia therapy.

It is also suitable for personal, in-home use to provide years of soothing, Far Infrared heat rays... Read More

Become more flexable using crystal rays mats


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It is our mission to meet the needs of the holistic health community by offering quality products with cutting edge technology. We want to help empower the health-seeker so they can become self-sufficient.   

We were known to our customers for the quality brands of dietary supplements we manufactured. We were dedicated to providing high-quality formulas to help meet those needs.  Our formulas had extensive research to back-up the efficacy of the ingredients. We are now bringing the same devotion to the new non-dietary supplement products.  This will ensure that you will get quality based products that scientific studies and concepts support.

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  banned books  
  Learn about the anti-cancer herb bloodroot  
Dr. Kelly Raber's Herbal Research  Bloodroot
  Get your copy of Hydrogen therapy water to prevent and cure diseases  


Hydrogen Therapy: Water to Prevent and Cure Diseases By Kelly Raber, D.Sc.


Do you have a FDA BANNED book that cures diseases?

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